Secretly luxe – openly playful swimwear.

An eclectic, fresh collection, suited for the authentic, low-maintenance yet vivid lifestyle of a Greek island in the summer. (Important note: suitable for other sunny destinations sharing the same laid-back philosophy.)

100% sand friendly, 100% winter repelling, 100% off-duty, 100% resort-bound wear, ideal for underwater dives, long barefoot walks on the beach, lazy sunset watching and endless island exploring.

Designed and created with profound care and love for detail, each MAAN piece is a locally produced original, made from carefully selected fabrics and premium materials.


MAAN was founded in 2015 by Athens based designer and creative director Marilena Andreadi, a Central St. Martin’s graduate with a long and diverse background in fashion. Inspired by the endless Greek sunshine and the seamless, grounding feeling of Fuss-Free Island Life, Marilena designs chic but carefree maillots for stylish women who effortlessly mix & match culture with adventure and luxury with freedom.

Designed in Antiparos. Made in Greece.





Sustainability has always been a core value for MAAN, with all collections being produced 100% locally and ethically, using the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and durability of the swimwear.


Over the past few years though, we realised this is not enough to protect our precious natural environment, and thus, we have invested in sustainability research to improve our sustainability strategy. Since 2020, MAAN has proudly began creating swimwear made of 100% recycled fibres, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and OEKO-Tex. Apart from not using virgin raw materials, the production of these fibres also produces significantly less CO2 emissions and consumes less water. It is our aim to make our entire collection out of certified recycled and chemical free fibres by 2023. We have also gradually been changing our entire packaging, starting from reusable organic cotton tote bags and 100% recyclable mailer bags and beyond.


We know that sustainability is a complex, multi-faceted topic and relevant innovations are making their appearance constantly. We are still learning. It is our promise to our customers and next generations that we will be doing our best to minimize our environmental footprint, while investing in eco-design to create products that are part of a slower way of consuming, and ultimately living.