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Fully lined low-cut briefs with internal seams for a flattering silhouette, HEIDI is a unique pattern.

Available in:

BLACK PIQUE: Supportive black-stretch pique. 95% PA 5%EA

WHITE PIQUE: Supportive white-stretch pique 95% PA 5%EA

COBALT PIQUE: Supportive cobalt blue-stretch pique 95% PA 5%EA

NAVY PIQUE: Supportive navy blue-stretch pique 95% PA 5%EA

KHAKI PIQUE: Supportive khaki-stretch pique 95% PA 5%EA

JAGUAR: Our signature animal print to the 2019 collection 88%POL 12%EL

BLUE 1: MAAN’S bougainvillea in medium scale, in blue, turquoise and purple hews 88%POL 12%EL

BLUE 2: MAAN’s bougainvillea in a small scale, in blue and white. 88%POL 12%EL

BLUE 3: MAAN’s bougainvillea in a large scale, in blue and white. 88%POL 12%EL

ORANGE 2: MAAN’S bougainvillea in small scale, in lime and orange hews, outlined in black

88%POL 12%EL

GREY MELANGE: MAAN’s jersey mélange grey 88%PA 12%EA

BLACK COTTON: A black that feels like cotton 88%PA 12%EA

TAUPE COTTON: A taupe color with a cotton feel 88%PA 12%EA

MARBLE: An ocean green marble print 88%POL 12%EL


Bougainvillia BlueBougainvillia BlueBougainvillia Blue DetailBougainvillia Blue DetailMarble PrintMarble Print

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